ultimateSAM is a distributor of pressurized or atmospheric pressure steam, designed to evenly and effectively distribute dry steam in ducts or in an air handling unit.

SAM stands for "Short-Absorption Manifold", which is a steam dispenser with a reduced absorption distance. It was designed to be "custom-built" for UTAs / ducts, ensuring low heating the air and a very low condensation formation. All metal parts in the UTA / pipe are made of AISI 304 steel to ensure hygiene and a long service life.

The characteristics of the ultimateSAM steam distribution system make it a perfect solution for all humidification requirements in UTAs / ducts, providing the best solutions for designers, installers and repairers. Its wide range of products, with a large selection of steam capacities and many options, make it the ideal system for use in a variety of applications, hospitals, pharmaceutical industry, libraries, museums, offices, centers commercial centers, computer centers, telecommunications and others.


Models available for vapor dispersion from 5 to 2445 lbs / hr

Steam pressure from 1 to 400 kilopascals
The nozzles are distributed over the entire height of the pipes and emit steam evenly to ensure a very short absorption distance;
Energy savings through pipe insulation that reduces the formation of condensation and the heating of the air
The dispenser is double-wall insulated to minimize condensation loss of steam
Anti-condensation nozzles, the lances are equipped with Ryton-PPS nozzles that extract the dry steam from inside the diffusion pipe.
The distributor legs are adjustable
EPDM type seals in contact with the steam
Hygiene: ultimateSAM is built entirely of AISI 304 steel
UltimateSAM can be acquired with valves with an electric actuator for precise modulation of the steam to be emitted in the UTA / pipe;
Different configurations of the ultimateSAM are available to meet applications with high steam flow rates or to achieve a reduced absorption distance;

The single pipe version is insulated and supplied with the collector that serves as a condensation separator


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