Air in system water causes many problems


Noisy pipes, valves and other air-related system noises are often accepted as the signs of a functioning system. Excessive pump noise, cavitation and cascading water in terminal units are considered normal.

But... Serious problems can occur:
Air in system water can cause corrosion, reduced efficiency, poorly heated or inadequately cooled rooms, accelerated component wear, and ongoing complaints.

Unnecessary maintenance costs and a dissatisfied owner.

There is a Solution!
A system without air-related problems is possible! There is a device that will keep your system free of air, permanentely. Less maintenance, quiet operation, fewer costs!

The Principal Difference

The Spirovent's unique construction allows not only for the removal of entrained air, but also for the countless microbubbles. Consisting of a woven copper wire configuration soldered to a copper tube, the patented


Spirotube® creates a low velocity area in the Spirovent that scrubs the bubbles from the water. The air bubbles rise and collect in the air chamber before they are vented from the system via an integral automatic valve. Air problems become a thing of the past!


  • Lifting eyes make installation easyl

  • Welded steel construction guarantees a long life

  • The unique Spirotube® is the core of the Spirovent. Designed to trap the smalles microbubble yet it offers little resistance to flow 

  • Drain plug. Also suitable for connecting a valve or temperature sensor

  • The automatic air vent is guaranteed not to leak and can only be closed by the installer for a pressure test

  • The air chamber has been designed so that dirt cannot reach the valve

  • Valve for releasing large amounts of air during filling and for skimming off floating dirt

  • Threaded or flanged connections available

  • Threaded 3/4"-4"

  • Flanged 2" and up

Avantages pour le spécialiste, l'installateur et le propriétaire

  • Greatly reduced initial fill and start-up time, no venting required

  • Optimum heat transfer

  • Increased component life

  • Reduced oxygen-based corrosion and pump cavitation

  • Quiet operation


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