Clean system water throughout the life of the installation.

The life and efficiency of a heating or cooling system is greatly dependent on clean system water. Dirt can cause many problems, such as increased component wear and frequent breakdowns.


Corrosion, pump and control valve wear and reduced efficiency resultin increased maintenance, unnecessarily high costs and disstisfied owners.

Tradionnally, strainers or filters which operate under high pressure losses are installed to deal with dirt problems.

There is a Solution! 

A system without dirt is possible. There is a unique device which will remove all dirt down to the smallest particle. It works continuously and is maintenance-free.

The Principal Difference

The Spirotrap's construction is similar to the well-known Spirovent® microbubble separators.


The special design of the Spirotube® is the heart of the unique action of the Spirotrap. It creates a low velocity area of water which allows dirt particles of all sizes to sink to the bottom or the unit and collect in the dirt chamber.


As the dirt collected outside the main flow, the Spirotrap's pressure drop remains constant and blockages cannot occur. The dirt can be flushed out while the system is in full operation through the drain valve.


The large colector ensures that flushing is required infrequently.


  • Lifting eyes make installation easy

  • Welded steel construction guarantees a long life

  • The unique Spirotube® is the heart of the Spirotrap. Designed to trap the smallest dirt particle, yet it offers little resistance to flow

  • Drain valve for flushing out the dirt

  • Threaded or flanged connections available 

  • 3/4" to 4" Threaded / 2" to 36" Flanged

  • Large capacity collection chamber reduces the need for frequent draining

Advantages for the specifier, installer and owner

  • Dirt can be flushed while system is fully operational

  • All dirt can be removeds in one central location in the equipment room 

  • Virtually no maintenance and no replacement filters

  • No by-pass or isolating valves required

  • Minimum pressure drop, always constant

  • Cannot block the flow

  • In addition to dirt it also removes microscopic particles


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