Much more than an air event.


When you first start up your hydronic heating or cooling system, you'll find that many air bubbles are large enough to rise to the top on their own. There is an automatic air vent that will quickly gather and release these bubbles.

You won't have to manually bleed hard-to-reach areas, such as the tops of risers, tanks, unit heaters, and horizontal lines near the ceiling.

The result?


Residential, commercial and, yes, even industrial systems start up in much less time with no aggravation.

The Principal Difference

The Spirotop automatic air vent is the only choice for those who want reliable, problem-free results every time, when they want:

  • filing a system

  • draining a system

  • venting high points

  • eliminating air locks


  • Unique valve mechanism is guaranteed not to leak and cannot be shut off. Standard thread for vent pipe connection or pressure testing.

  • Specially constructed air chamber to protect the valve mechanism from dirt. Sufficient volume to handle pressure fluctuations.

  • Solid brass construction for extended service life. (Other materials, pressures and temperatures are available on request)

Avantages pour le spécialiste, l'installateur et le propriétaire

  • Maintenance free 

  • Continuous air venting

  • 150 psig standard working pressure

  • 270°F maximum temperature

  • Sized to fit almost anywhere

  • Dirt resistant 

  • Leak resistant 

  • 1/2" male thread at vent point for pressure testing or remote venting of unwanted gasses

  • Quick removal of large air bubbles

  • Reliable vacuum breaker for system draining


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