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The operation of submerged electrode humidifiers is based on a very simple physical principle. Since the current drinking water contains a certain quantity of dissolved mineral salts, and is therefore slightly conductive, by applying a voltage to metal electrodes immersed in this water, a passage of electric current is obtained which warms it (Joule effect) until boiling, thus producing steam.


The amount of steam produced is proportional to the electric current which, in turn, is proportional to the water level.

The electric current is measured by an amperometric transformer: by controlling the water level by means of the filling solenoid valve and the evaporation itself, the current and, consequently, the steam production are modulated. Due to evaporation, the water level decreases and must be filled.


Because the steam does not carry any mineral salts, the water increases its own concentration of salts and therefore its conductivity. It is automatically and regularly diluted, discharging some of the salts through the solenoid valve or the drain pump, and replaced with feed water.

In addition, over time, the limestone settles and occupies part of the cylinder, which must then be replaced or cleaned. The principle is simple but the design of a humidifier with submerged electrodes that guarantees safety of use and reliability over time requires an accurate study and long tests.

Compared to submerged or gas-fired humidifiers, of which they are complementary, immersed electrode humidifiers:

• have a lower purchase price;
• operate with potable water (not completely demineralized or softened);
• require periodic replacement (or cleaning) of the cylinder;
• have a modulation adapted for comfort or industrial applications without extreme requirements.

CAREL has been producing submerged electrode humidifiers since the 1970s and derives a decisive advantage from its know-how in the field of electronic controls: precision control, reliability of electronics, sophisticated and comprehensive control software.

CAREL solutions for submerged electrode humidifiers are humiSteam and compactSteam.


  • Models available for steam production from 3 to 287 lbs / hr

  • Several voltage supplies

  • Exceptional performance: ± 3% of the relative humidity set point

  • Continuous modulation 20-100% capacity (10% for models with two cylinders)

  • Built-in conductivity sensor and control software to optimize energy efficiency and maintenance costs with consistent performance throughout the life of the cylinder.

  • Anti-foaming system, patented AFS system (Anti Foaming System)

  • Works with tap water with conductivity between 75 and 1250 μS / cm; its control software automatically adapts to the characteristics of the water so as to optimize the service life without maintenance

  • Large cylinders with galvanized electrodes and anti-limescale filter on the bottom for a long life without maintenance. Removable cylinders are also available

  • Startup assistance

  • Alphanumeric and graphical screen with texts and messages developed

  • Tempered drain (140 ° F) integrated into the humidifier housing


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