humiDisk is a small but solid humidifier that uses a rotating disk to atomize water and turn it into millions of tiny drops that, when pushed by a fan, are emitted into the environment where they evaporate, wetting and refreshes the air.

Very low power consumption
humiDisk is a simple humidification system that is economical and easy to maintain, with energy consumption of only 220 W for a capacity of 6.5 kg / h (31 W for the 1.0 kg / h model).

Guaranteed hygiene
The water tank included in the humiDisk contains only 0.055 liter of water, atomized in only 30 s for the model of 6.5 kg / h and in 3 minutes for the model of 1 kg / h. The water stays in the tank for a short period of time, so the humidifier permanently atomizes fresh, non-stagnant water. This guarantees the best hygiene conditions.

Adjustable capacity (only humiDisk65)
The operation of the humiDisk65 is controlled by an electronic board on which is installed a compensator that allows to adjust the capacity of the humidifier from 1.1 to 6.5 kg / h, to adapt it to all applications.


Automatic washing cycles (only humiDisk65)
In addition to managing the normal operation of the unit, the board also performs a water tray wash cycle when the machine starts and a drain cycle at the end of the humidification request. In this way, stagnation of the water in the machine is avoided.

Important: To ensure a higher level of hygiene, using only CAREL electrical control panels, the humidifier performs the washing of the water tank also at the beginning of each humidification cycle.


Water to use
humiDisk can work both with city water (to be checked) or with treated water. The quantity and quality of minerals dissolved in the water affect the frequency of regular maintenance operations and the amount of dust generated. For optimal operation, it is advisable to use demineralised water (no softened water as this does not reduce the dissolved mineral content in the water).

In any case, it is advisable to follow the prescriptions of the UNI 8884 standard "Characteristics and water treatment of cooling and humidification circuits" which provides a water with a conductivity <100 μS / cm and a total hardness < 5 ° fH (50 ppm CaCO3). Similar requirements are also present in the VDI6022, VDI3803 regulations.


• Available models: 2.64 lbs / hr or 14.3 lbs / hr
• Only requires a 110/1/60 power supply, a water pipe and an evacuation
• ON / OFF type operation for 2.64 lbs / hr and modulating for 14.3 lbs / hr
• Guaranteed hygiene
• Reduced water tank, only 55 ml
• Washing cycle when starting the machine;
• Draining at the end of the humidification cycle;
• Washing also at the beginning of each humidification cycle (only in CAREL electrical panels);


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