Electric heater element steam humidifier

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The air humidification technology currently on the market has taken a big step forward with the CAREL range of high precision steam humidifiers, available in models from 2 to 80 kg / h.

The product has been redesigned in all aspects, from its mechanical components to the new electronic controller with graphic interface based on the c.pCO platform. The new software features make the heaterSteam even more reliable and versatile, while its extended connectivity allows seamless communication with any BMS system. These improvements that Heatersteam is the ideal solution for all high-tech applications.

heaterSteam titanium, the world's only humidifier with titanium resistors, represents the pinnacle of this family of advanced humidifiers. heaterSteam titanium stands out not only for its performance in terms of accuracy and continuous modulation in moisture control, but also to achieve unprecedented levels of reliability.

The new heaterSteam complements the range of resistance humidifiers, offering a modular and flexible solution. The resistors used on the heaterSteam process have been designed and developed to work even when the water supply characteristics are not able to be controlled or are variable over time: a true reliable and versatile solution.

The new heaterSteam range, taking advantage of the latest generation of CAREL electronic controllers, represents the latest step in the development of resistance humidifiers in terms of performance, reliability and versatility.


  • Models available for steam production from 4 to 176 lbs / hr

  • Several voltage supplies

  • Exceptional performance: ± 1% of the relative humidity set point

  • Resistive elements in ultra-resistant titanium

  • Continuous modulation 20-100% of the maximum capacity

  • Automatic control system for water conductivity (no pre-programmed purge)

  • Continuous modulation of elements (with SSR)

  • Temperature probe on each element to prevent it from overheating

  • Removable stainless steel cylinder for easy maintenance

  • Versatility: units work with any type of water

  • Dual-level water level indicator mounted outside the tank

  • Serial Bacnet, Modbus and USB Port Protocols (RS485 Interface)

  • Web server

  • Anti-foaming system Patented AFS system

  • Thermal shock to dislodge limestone

  • Master / slave functionality

  • Preheat mode for quick start and better accuracy

  • Thermal insulation of the cylinder

  • Kevlar membrane in cylinder for easy maintenance (UR002 to UR013)

  • Startup assistance

  • Tempered drain (140 ° F) integrated into the humidifier housing


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