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CAREL's extensive experience in the humidification sector has led to the design of gaSteam, the range of gas humidifiers available in versions 100, 200 and 400 lbs /h.


GaSteam burns methane or LPG and has a sophisticated electronic control with built-in control that allows other types of gases to be used, simply by changing some burner calibration parameters.

The difference in price between gas and electric power makes GaSteam the ideal choice for the most demanding applications, where steam is required for many hours, resulting in savings at the expense of electricity.

The exclusive design heat exchanger achieves high efficiency (94-96%) and is easy to maintain. Made of stainless steel, it guarantees a long service life even in difficult working conditions.

The continuous modulation of the steam flow makes it suitable even for precision applications. gaSteam can work with tap water or demineralised water. Easy to install, it has a sealed chamber with pre-mix burner and gas valve with double mechanical closure. It also has many safety features and is ETL and CE certified (guaranteed by TÜV-DVGW).


  • Models available in versions 100, 200, 400 lbs / hr

  • Power supply 230/1/60

  • Operates on natural gas, propane and methane

  • 25-100% continuous modulation (12.5% ​​for the 400 lbs / hr model)

  • Accuracy ± 2% H.R.

  • High efficiency vertical heat exchanger (94-96%)

  • Stainless steel boiler and heat exchanger

  • Pre-mix burner with sealed chamber with forced ventilation

  • Air / gas control valve with double safety closure

  • Multi-stage water level sensor (3 levels)

  • Preheat function for fast production response

  • Exhaust smoke temperature probe, which allows any malfunction to be checked and to signal in advance an excessive accumulation of limescale on the exchanger

  • Flame detector in the burner which closes the gas valve in case of anomaly

  • AFS patented antifoam system in connection with the corresponding sensor

  • Low NOX emission

  • Antifreeze function

  • Tap water supply or demineralized water. The control can be adjusted for possible use with softened water, within the limits described in the reference tables

  • Automatic control system of water conductivity, to avoid corrosion phenomena.

  • Tempered drain (140 ° F) integrated into the humidifier housing


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