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Another great achievement from Enersol inc.

Installation and design of the Carel Humifog high pressure humidification system at the Place Victoria tower in Montreal, one of the best known buildings of the metropolitan area. The objective of the project was to replace existing steam injection humidifiers, supplied by a steam boiler, with atomization humidification systems.This conversion allows the Groupe Petra (building owner) to realize energy savings of 117,558 $/year and also reduce GHG emissions by 1,660 tons.

The Humifog is the best solution to control relative humidity for all environments, starting from comfort applications up to delicate industrial processes. Humifog uses a volumetric pump to pressurize the water that is atomized by special nozzles, made out of stainless steel. This sophisticated regulation system combines the action of a variator, that adjusts the flow of the pump, with the layering of solenoid valves, which activate only the necessary nozzles. This permits the system to function consistently at an optimal pressure of 1000 psi (70 bars), allowing water atomization in a wide range of output. The distribution system is composed of stainless steel collectors with nozzle racks, custom built for the air handler unit.

The evolution towards the multizone model allows the use of a single pump for multiple air handler units therefore rationalizing the investment. This technology was applied to the same concept as Place Victoria, with 4 pumping stations supplying high pressure humidification to 8 air handler systems, with one zone panel. A stand alone unit was installed for the 48th floor for a total capacity of 3,860 lbs/hr.

Customers often question the hygiene aspect of applying this type of humidification technology to their HVAC system. Our answer is quite simple, the Carel Humifog systems are certified VDI6022/VDI13803/DIN1946 for high a level of hygienic security.  Water is treated by reverse Osmose system that is reducing the maintenance to the minimum and a UV lamp is installed before the pumping station to guarantee no water contamination.

Enersol inc. has designed and serviced humidification units for the past 40 years and, we strongly believe that this type of system will be applied in many future projects. Everyone, including building owners, Universities, process manufacturing, and Data Centers are trying to reduce their energy consumption as well as their environmental foot print.  That’s why Humifog is the best solution.

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