Warehouse of wood furniture

Project Specifications

Enersol Inc is presenting a humidification project that is completed through atomization that was implemented in an industry that manufactures appliances, which is located in the Eastern Townships, in the province of Quebec. This industry had a lack of humidity in their warehouse, which caused many thousands of dollars in loss per year in material resources. The warehouse is 327,000 square feet and needed humidification totalling 4 400 lbs/h.


The system that was installed is the humiFog model, made by the manufacturing company Carel. The humiFog is an adiabatic humidifier that functions by atomization, which exploits water pressurization energy brought through by a high pressure volumetric pump and nozzles to atomize the water into microscopic drops.


The humiFog direct, becomes the best solution to control the relative humidity for all environments, starting from application of comfort up to the delicate industrial processes. It is specifically built for spacious warehouses such as textile warehouses, printing shops, wood warehouses, wineries and the warehouses used for the conservation of products.


HumiFog uses a volumetric pump to pressurize the water that is atomized by the special nozzles made out of stainless steel. This sophisticated regulation system combines the action of a variator that adjusts the flow of the pump with the layering of solenoid valves that activate only the necessary nozzles, which permits the system to constantly function at an optimal pressure which is up to 70 bars, for the water atomization, in a wide variety of flows. The distribution system is composed of stainless steel collectors with nozzles that are specifically installed inside the areas that are to humidify.


The evolution towards the multizone model permits the installation in where only one pump station is used, to serve many premises or rooms, therefore rationalizing the investment. For this project, we find two pumping stations that serve 10 zones, all independent, for a total charge of 4400 lbs/h.


An reverse osmosis system, a softener, a coal filter and a UV lamp are required for this type of system. The maintenance is therefore reduced to a minimum since there is no clogging of the nozzles, there is absence of calcium dust and therefore no contamination is possible through the water. This system is also adapted for all the applications that demand a high level of hygienic security: it is indeed certified, as per the VDI6022/ VDI3803/DIN1946 norms and does not use biocidal chemicals, but simply water.


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